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Character Portraits from “The Death of Us”

Early on during the creation of my short story The Death of Us, I commissioned some character portraits from the wonderful Sarah De Buck, with the intent of including them in the story. Since then, my ideas of what artistic “look” I want the Chronicles to have has changed such that I no longer feel these belong in the story itself, but I’m still quite happy with them and think it would be a shame for them to never be seen.

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The Beginning

A wise man once wrote, “The beginning is important in all things.” This point in The Parasomnic Chronicles, then, is an important one. Although the series itself may have begun back in June 2016 when I wrote the first words of The Little Clockwork Girl, this post marks the day upon which the first of its stories are at last released. This, then, is not the beginning of the series for me. But it can be the beginning of it for you.

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