The Parasomnic Chronicles is an ongoing collection of stories written by Jay Kerschner. Each story in the Chronicles is a standalone tale, allowing them to be read in any order, yet they all take place in a single fantastical world. It is a place home to creatures both fae and fell, where ancient relics are rivaled by stunning technological marvels, and where dreams only come as the rare visitations of magic and heavenly beings.

But more than this, the stories which make up the Chronicles are about us: The human condition, as it is seen through a thousand inhuman eyes. A theme as vast as the range of all possible stories, yet serving as the underlying link that ties the Chronicles together. And so, in support of that theme and the possibilities it offers, the Chronicles does not limit itself to any one genre or style of writing.

This range can be seen even in the series’ first few stories, consisting of an action-packed encounter on the high seas, a whimsical children’s story for readers of all ages, and a tale of lurking horror that touches upon a strange, unknowable entity, but these are just the beginning. What else might the future hold? Faerie tales? Certainly. Romance? Why not. Adventures? Of course. Mysteries, thrillers, myths and legends, and even erotica? All in due time.

One thing’s for certain: the only constant is change. Both in the series, and in ourselves.