Jay Kerschner has always been a storyteller. Before being able to type, he dictated stories to his parents, who struggled valiantly to catch and record every word in writing. Later, he would find other ways to share his stories, by making simplistic video games or short stop-motion films. No matter the medium, there was always a story to be told.

Jay’s big dive into writing on his own in later childhood came in the form of a fantasy story, never finished, written over several years. While enjoyable to write, it proved to be too ambitious a project for the young teen, and his interest in the project, and even in writing altogether, waned.

But his fire for storytelling remained strong. When the written word did not suffice, Jay discovered the possibilities of collaborative storytelling in the form of roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons, which captured his attention into college and beyond. The stories he told through such games began as simple ones but evolved into larger and larger tales, spanning months and even years in order to be told. But this medium, too, was limiting, and when the games kept him from exploring the themes he most wanted to, he returned full circle to his original passion: Writing.

Jay’s first widely published endeavor is The Parasomnic Chronicles, a collection of stories grown out of the possibilities he saw in countless fantastical realms but rooted, as ever, in the real world and in his own interests in such things as music, art, and the course of human culture and evolution. Even though these tales may all occur in a far and foreign place, they come from a part of him closer to the heart than he had ever imagined possible.